Constitution and By-Laws – Satzung und Statuten



The name of this organization shall be the WIESBADEN INTERNATIONAL WANDERING CLUB, hereinafter called WIWC.


WIWC is located in Wiesbaden, Germany. The club address is:

Wiesbaden International Wandering Club (WIWC)

CMR 467, Box 7000

APO AE 09096-7000



1. WIWC will operate under the approval of the United States Army Garrison (USAG) Wiesbaden, Germany, APO AE 09011, and in consonance with the Deutscher Volkssportverband (DVV) and the Internationaler Volkssportsverband (IVV)

2. As a Private Organization (PO) established pursuant to AR 210-22 and USAREUR Private Organizations and Fundraising Policy, this organization is not an instrumentality of the United States, will be self-sustaining, and may not receive financial assistance from the US Army or from non-appropriated funds. Neither the Department of the Army, nor United States Army Europe (USAREUR), will be responsible for this organization’s debts.

3. All members, in accordance with host nation laws, may be personally liable to creditors, if the assets of the organization are insufficient to discharge all liabilities.


1. WIWC will function in accordance with the rules established by the DVV, IVV, the Department of the Army and USAREUR Private Organizations and Fundraising Policy, this constitution, and WIWC’s standing rules and policies.

2. The conduct of the meetings will be guided by Roberts’ Rules of Order.


1. To unite in one organization, volksmarchers of various backgrounds and nationalities.

2. To promote Volksmarching, physical activity, enjoyment of the outdoors, and positive interaction with host nation citizens.

3. To cooperate and share associations with public agencies and other community clubs/organizations to support the USAG-Wiesbaden Ready and Resilient Campaign (R2C), and which subscribe to purposes and activities similar to those of WIWC.

4. To affiliate with local national organizations having similar interests and objectives.


1. Conduct monthly membership meetings and special events throughout the year.

2. Provide group registration for designated volksmarches.

3. Publish periodic club newsletter concerning club activities and future Volksmarching events.

4. Plan and conduct club trips to various locations in Germany and other European countries.



1. Active membership is open to both US forces personnel (military and civilian) and non-US forces personnel. The number of members not covered by SOFA may not exceed 49 percent of the membership. Honorary membership may also be bestowed at the discretion of the Executive Council.

2. This organization fully supports the USAREUR policy on equal opportunity and will not discriminate in membership eligibility on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age or physical or mental handicap.

3. Members may join at any WIWC meeting or function, by contacting the membership director directly via the Email address posted in the WIWC website, or by writing to the address in ARTICLE II. Guests may participate in WIWC functions; however, surcharges may be assessed for certain functions.

4. Each active member will be issued a receipt, which will serve as a record of dues payment, and indicate membership expiration date.

5. Annual dues will be established by the Executive Council and set forth in the bylaws and Executive Council meeting minutes.

6. Active members of the Stuttgart German-American Wandering Club and Ramstein Roadrunners are honorary members of the WIWC for the duration of their membership in those clubs.

7. The annual membership begins in September and ends in August of the following year. The dues will be prorated for new members through the end of the following August.


1. Active Membership: Active members must be at least 18 years of age and pay club dues to participate in club activities, receive club benefits, vote, and hold club office. The President or Vice President and Treasurer must be valid US Military ID card holders. In accordance with AE Reg 210-22 Section II, 5c, the President or Vice President and Treasurer must have Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) status.

2. Associate Membership: Associate members have no voting rights and may not seek elected office. Associate members include:

a) Family members of active members under the age of 18

b) Non-members invited by a member to a club event are granted associate membership for the duration of that event. A fee may be charged. The cumulative fees over the course of the year will be limited to the cost of annual membership dues.

3. Honorary Membership: Honorary members are appointed by the Executive Council for a specified period. Honorary members may not vote nor hold elected offices. Honorary members do not pay dues and are not counted as active members; however, they may receive club benefits.


1. Active and accompanying associate memberships are valid for 12 months upon membership dues payment. Membership is terminated after the 12 month period, unless membership dues are paid in full for another 12 month period.

2. Members may terminate their active and accompanying associate membership by submitting a written notice to the WIWC mailing address listed in ARTICLE II. Email notification of membership termination to any WIWC Executive Council member is also acceptable.

3. Reassignment from this geographical area does not constitute automatic resignation. The WIWC Executive Council may terminate the membership of any member who does not abide by ARTICLE VII.

4. Membership dues are non-refundable at any time during the 12 month membership period.


All members of WIWC are responsible for the following:

1. Active participation in WIWC activities.

2. Lending their time and talents to promote club projects and activities when called upon, particularly during preparation and conduct of the annual volksmarch.

3. Conducting themselves in a manner which is neither abusive nor offensive, or otherwise inappropriate while participating with, or representing WIWC.

4. Per AR 210-22, WIWC members will not propagate extremist activity, advocate violence against others, overthrow the Government, or deprive individuals of their civil rights.

5. Complying with all IVV / DVV rules.

6. Reading the constitution and bylaws upon joining WIWC.

7. In accordance with Department of Defense Instructions 1000.15, Article 6.3.3, all members are personally liable if the club’s assets are insufficient to discharge all liabilities incurred by WIWC.


1. General membership meetings will be held as stated in the bylaws or as determined by the Executive Council. Meetings will be announced in the newsletter and through available community media.

2. (a) A copy of all meeting minutes and approved financial statements from the previous year will be forwarded to the Wiesbaden Private Organizations coordinator on the last working day of January to meet the requirements of AE Reg 210-22, Section II, 4d.

(b) Biannually, the WIWC must submit for revalidation. The request must include current constitution and bylaws and the most recent yearly audit report, in accordance with AE Reg 210-22, Section II, 4e.

3. The assembly of active members present at any general membership meeting will constitute a quorum, regardless of the number present.

4. A majority of the Executive Council shall constitute a quorum at an Executive Council meeting.


1. The governing body, called Executive Council, will consist of eleven (12) active WIWC members.

  1. President
  2. Vice President (Volksmarch Director)
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Public Relations Director *
  6. Activities Director
  7. Membership Director
  8. Registration Director
  9. Boutique Manager
  10. Host Nation Liaison/Translator
  11. Newsletter Editor
  12. Volunteer Coordinator

* NOTE: Points of Contact is incorporated into the duties of Public Relations Director.

2. Due to downsizing and/or not enough nominees to fill positions, Council positions may be eliminated or combined by a vote from the Executive Council.

3. In the interest of the membership, the President and the Executive Council will conduct the daily business of WIWC. The President and Vice President are authorized by the members of the club to act as nominal plaintiffs in asserting by court action, in their own names, the claims of the club members. Council actions may be subject to review by the general membership during a scheduled meeting when deemed appropriate by the President, or by the majority vote of the Executive council.


1. Annual elections will be held each November. No absentee or proxy voting will be permitted. Elections will be conducted as stated in the bylaws.

2. Officers will be elected to serve a one-year term (from 1 January through 31 December) unless sooner relieved of responsibilities through resignation, prolonged absence as determined by the Executive Council, or removal from office by the general membership as provided in the bylaws.

3. If an officer vacates a position during the term of office, the Executive Council will appoint a club member to fill the vacancy until the next annual election. A vacancy in the office of the President constitutes an exception to this policy; in this case, replacement will be nominated and elected by the general membership under procedures determined by the Executive council.



An active member in good standing who is eligible to vote may submit constitutional amendments in accordance with procedures outlined below.


1. The constitution may be amended at any regular general membership meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of vote of those active members present. Amendments must be submitted in writing to the Executive Council at least 30 days prior to the general membership meeting at which time they will be presented for vote. Late requests can be acted upon when the Executive Council considers them urgent, or by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the general membership assembly present. Any member may bring requests in person and/or writing to the attention of the Executive council to be acted upon. If the Executive Council fails to act, the member may bring this request to the attention of the general membership in person to be acted upon. This request can be approved by two-thirds (2/3) majority of the general membership assembly present.

2. Proposed changes will be provided to the General Membership at least one meeting prior to the meeting when the vote is called.

3. No article of this constitution will conflict with those of the IVV / DVV, or with applicable Army or USAREUR regulations.

4. Request for biennial renewal of approval to operate as an official private organization shall be accompanied by two copies of the last two annual audit reports. Request will be forwarded to USAG Wiesbaden not less than 90 days prior to expiration of the previous renewal.

5. Constitutional amendments made throughout the year will be forwarded to the approval authority and will include certification of general membership approval.


1. Dissolution of WIWC requires two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the general membership assembly present at a special membership meeting called specifically for the purpose of dissolving the club. The club may also be dissolved by order of the approving authority.

a. Any actions to dissolve the club prior to the official expiration date from USAG Wiesbaden requires that a letter be furnished to the Private Organization Office signed by the Executive Council.

b. The letter must indicate that the 2/3 majority of the membership voted in favor of dissolving.

2. If the club is dissolved, the Executive Council will appoint a liquidator to recommend proper disposition of club assets.

3. In accordance with host nation laws, all members may be personally to creditors for all debts, if the club’s assets are insufficient to discharge all liabilities.


1. The membership year will run for a 12-consecutive-month period beginning from the payment of established membership dues.

2. The term of office for elected officers will run from 1 January through 31 December.

3. The fiscal year will run from1 January through 31 December.


APPROVED BY MAJORITY VOTE: General Membership Meeting, 25 September 2014

Bryan Senter Christa Haws




1. General membership meetings will be held the 3rd Monday of each month at 7:00p.m. (1900) at a place to be determined. Meetings will be announced through the use of WIWC members’ monthly newsletters, radio announcements, community newspapers, the WIWC webpage, and the WIWC Facebook page in sufficient time to promote maximum attendance.

2. Executive council meetings will be held during the week prior to the general membership meetings, or as determined by the President. Dates, times and locations of the next Executive council meeting will be announced at the general membership meetings. Special Executive council meetings will be announced via email and the WIWC web site.



1. Active membership in good standing.

2. Evidence of participation in club activities.

3. Approval by Nominating Committee.

4. Agreement to hold office for a one-year term, tour of duty permitting.

5. If an incumbent must be replaced during a term of office, the Executive council will appoint a club member to fill the vacancy until the next annual election. A vacancy in the office of President will be nominated and elected by the general membership under procedures determined by the Executive council.

6. WIWC members known to have been involved in dishonorable activities will not be eligible to hold a council position or chair a position of any club activity.


1. The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee consisting of three members. This committee will open nominations at the August meeting. Further nominations may be made at subsequent general membership meetings, and write-in votes may be made during the election, provided the nominee is present or has given consent to serve if elected. Announcement of nominees and elections will be outlined at the July through November general membership meetings as well as noted in the corresponding monthly newsletters.

2. A nominee may accept a nomination for more than one office, but must choose which office to seek prior to printing of the ballot.


1. Election to office requires the approval of a majority of the general membership present at the November meeting. The members in attendance shall constitute a quorum for a valid election.

2. Elections will be held by written ballot only.

3. Only Active Members are eligible to vote.

4. Election results will be announced during the election meeting.



1. The Executive Council shall consist of the 12 positions specified in Article IX, paragraph 1 (Governing Body) of the constitution

2. During Executive meetings, only Executive Council members have voting privileges. Other WIWC members may attend Executive Council meetings, but may not vote.

3. Meetings of the Executive Council shall be at the call of the President, or any five council members should the President refuse to do so.

4. The Executive Council is responsible for the overall conduct of club business, and supervises and coordinates the activities of the ad-hoc committees. The Council will transact necessary business and present appropriate recommendations to the general membership for action.

5. Ad-hoc committees and other officials will be established by the Executive Council as appropriate.

6. Members of the Executive Council should have a gentlemen’s agreement at the beginning of the year to be eligible to win door prizes at the monthly membership meeting.


NOTE: All elected WIWC council members will be aware of the functions of the other council members. As needed, elected WIWC council members will fulfill the duties and responsibilities of other council members.


a. Responsible for the overall administration and functioning of the Executive Council.

b. Presides over all council and general membership meetings.

c. Calls special meetings as required.

d. Establishes, in coordination with the Executive Council, the dates of all council and general membership meetings.

e. Coordinates the actions of council members and the general direction of the club’s programs to ensure effective and meaningful activities.

f. Resolves problems or disputes among council members.

g. Attends scheduled meetings of IVV/DVV organizations and those called by the approving authority.

h. Provides direct support and manpower to other council members as required.

i. Verifies all required reporting requirements of the Wiesbaden Private Organization Office are met.


a. Responsible for all aspects of the club’s annual volksmarch.

b. Chairs the meeting of the volksmarch committee.

c. Responsible for coordination, planning and assistance to the community for the annual Kiddie Volksmarch.

d. Chairs the volksmarch award committee.

e. Assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence.


a. Responsible for the preparation of all minutes and written correspondence. A copy of all signed minutes and approved financial statements will be forwarded to the Wiesbaden Private Organization Coordinator within 30 days of each meeting.

b. Ensures each council member receives a copy of the minutes.

c. Initial point of contact for all incoming mail and correspondence. Receives mail from the Army Post Office and the German Post Office (Bundespost). Opens all mail not specifically addressed to a council member and distributes to the appropriate council member.

d. Primary point of contact with the USAG Wiesbaden community.

(1) Prepares the biennial request for renewal of eligibility to operate in the Wiesbaden military community in coordination with the Treasurer.

(2) Responsible to submit to the Wiesbaden Private Organization Coordinator:

(i) Annually, proof of bonding insurance for club members with access to cash or merchandise with a value of $1,000.

(ii) Annually, proof of Liability Insurance.

(iii) At least 60 days in advance of a fundraising event, submits written request for approval.

(iv) 45 days after fundraising event, submits after-action-reports.

(v) Submits any change to the name, address, or telephone number of club officers.

e. Primary point of contact with the community. Prepares the biennial request for renewal of eligibility in coordination with the Treasurer.

f. Responsible for collecting, accounting for, storing, displaying and disposition of all group awards received by the club.

g. Ensure sufficient awards are on hand at the monthly general membership meetings for issue as milestones and door prizes.

h. Recommend qualifications include reasonable writing skills, ability to take good notes and to summarize them correctly, and to use word processing software and e-mail.


a. The club’s financial expert and is responsible for all aspects of the financial system. Collects, safeguards, maintains, accounts for, and disburses all revenue generated by or paid to the club.

b. Ensures that all funds generated by the boutique are turned in at the end of each monthly general membership meeting.

c. In coordination with Activities Director, ensures that all financial matters relating to club sponsored trips are complete and accurate.

d. Responsible for payment of all debts incurred by the club in a timely manner.

e. Maintains the club’s checking and savings accounts.

f. Prepares financial statements:

(1) Monthly: prepares and makes available to each council member at the Executive Council meeting for approval.

(a) Once approved, the statement will be made available to the general membership at the general membership meeting.

(b) A monthly ledger will be provided for the dollar and Euro account.

(c) The treasurer will also prepare, in coordination with the responsible officer (vice president, activities chair, boutique manager, membership chair, etc., as appropriate) a “departmental profit and loss statement” after the completion of each activity or quarterly, whichever is least frequent.

(2) Quarterly: Prepares a quarterly financial report and submits it to the Wiesbaden Private Organization Office within 30 days after the end of the reporting period.

(3) Annually: Prepares an annual statement, to coincide with the end of the fiscal year. It will be prepared and presented to the council and subsequently to the general membership.

g. Ensures an annual audit is performed by a qualified and disinterest party, approved beforehand by the President and is listed on the approved list by USAG Wiesbaden. Ensures an audit is conducted if the treasurer is changed during the year.

(1) Prepares, for the President’s signature, any correspondence required to explain and/or transmit the audit to the USAG Wiesbaden Private Organization Office.

(2) Submits a copy of the annual audit to Wiesbaden Private Organization Office within 30 days of receipt of the audit. It must include all corrective action responses.

j. Assists the Secretary in the preparation of the biennial request for renewal of eligibility to operate in the Wiesbaden military community. k. Ensures that the bonding insurance for members with access to cash with a value of over $1000 and the club’s liability insurance are current.


a. Responsible for all aspects of public relations for the club.

b. Ensures the timely and clear advertisement of monthly general membership meetings, the HIWC volksmarch and any other activities provided by the club.

c. In close coordination with the Vice President, the Public Relations Director is responsible for the design, content, organization, advertising, printing, and distribution of the club brochure for the annual volksmarch.

d. Responsible for the design, preparation, and distribution of all advertisements required for club meetings, volksmarchers, and special events.

e. Responsible for recruiting, developing, and maintaining an updated list of Points Of Contact (POCs) for all major units/activities/communities within the WIWC membership area.

(1) Will encourage POCs to maintain an information center in their area of responsibility.

(2) The POC information center should contain such items as POC name, address, and phone number, copies of WIWC newsletter; information on club meetings, trips, and activities; DVV march brochures; and any other information of interest to potential and current members.

f. Recommended qualifications include computer skills to maintain and/or improve the WIWC web site, if it is active.


a. Responsible for all activities and events not specifically assigned to another council member. Such activities include general membership meetings, holiday party and the club bus trip program.

b. Responsible for reserving monthly Executive Council and general membership meeting locations.

c. Chairs the bus trip selection committee. Ensures that a tentative schedule of bus trips for twelve (12) months starting in April of the current year to March of the following year is prepared by the February meeting each year for approval. Finalized trip schedule will be available to the general membership at the March meeting.

d. Specifically charged with the following aspects of the bus trip program:

(1) Publish schedules.

(2) Arranges bus transportation and hotel accommodations.

(3) Develops trip costs and itineraries in coordination with the trip captain.

(4) Coordinates with the Registration Director for pre-registering the volksmarch trip.

(5) Timely publication of trip itineraries in the newsletter.

(6) Recruitment and training of trip captains.

e. In coordination with the Treasurer, ensures that all money collected by trip captains is turned in at the end of each membership meeting.

f. Ensures that all records concerning trip participation are turned over to the Treasurer (with copy to the President) within thirty (30) days following trip completion. Ensures that no trip captain takes the original set of trip records on the trip.


a. Responsible for all aspects of membership including acquisition, preparation, validation, and accounting for membership.

b. Establishes and maintains a membership roster indicating, as a minimum, the active and honorary members’ names, addresses, telephone numbers, names of family members who are associate members. Copies of initial roster and periodic updates will be provided to key council members (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Activities Director, and Registration Director).

c. Provides a monthly membership summary to the general membership, which will include the current total membership.

d. In coordination with the Activities Director and the Treasurer, the Membership Director is responsible for planning and conducting the annual membership meeting in March, to include reserving the meeting place. Will also determine the sign-up method for new members.

e. Ensures that all money collected for memberships is expeditiously turned over to the Treasurer.

f. Assists in the preparation of the labels by providing an up-to-date membership list to the newsletter person in a timely fashion.

g. Recommended qualifications include computer skills to maintain the membership database and to produce reports and mailing labels.


a. Responsible for ensuring that the club is pre-registered for selected events sanctioned by the IVV/DVV within 100KM of Wiesbaden.

b. Will also register the club for other selected marches and events based on interest shown by club members or marches and events that are known to attract club members.

c. Will publish in each newsletter, a complete list of events (to include dates/locations) for which the club is pre-registered during the following month.

d. Will track the receipt of group prizes from registered volksmarchers.

e. Responsible for the preparation and mailing of all pre-registration forms and letters, to include those for bus trips.

f. Responsible for the disposition of late registration awards sent to the club for its members.

(1) If the award is addressed to a specific club member, the individual will be notified concerning pick-up of the award.

(2) If the award is received in a group lot, a notice will be published in the newsletter.

(3) The award will not be mailed to the individual at club expense.

(4) Will ensure that all awards not picked up are at the general membership meetings for the next three months following publication in the newsletter. After three months, the award will be disposed of as directed by the Executive Council.


a. Responsible for all aspects of boutique management and operation.

b. Orders, stores, and accounts for special interest items, which will be sold at all designated club functions.

c. Will maintain sufficient stock and variety to satisfy the requirements of club members.

d. Will coordinate the selection of resale items with the approval of the council.

e. Will maintain records of receipt and sale of all items for auditing purposes.

f. Will ensure all funds are expeditiously turned in to the Treasurer after each function.


a. Responsible for translations of all oral and written communications for the WIWC.

b. Reviews all written German communications and provides the English translation to the appropriate council member.

c. Accompanies the President and/or Vice President to all meetings where translation is required.

d. Provides German/English translation of information presented at the monthly general membership meeting when required.


a. Responsible for the preparation and printing of the club’s newsletter. The newsletter will contain comments of appropriate council members, news of future volksmarches, milestone awards to members, volksmarch policies from the IVV/DVV and the council, information from the American Volkssport Association (AVA), and other items of general interest.

b. Delivers the newsletter to the Membership Director.

c. To be effective in this position, persons volunteering to be the Newsletter Editor should have the following qualifications: (a) Reasonable writing skills, computer skills, and journalistic skills to create and publish a quality monthly newsletter. (b) An excellent grasp of the English language to include proper grammar usage and punctuation.


a. Coordinate and organize appropriate number of volunteers from the WIWC general membership and other community clubs/organizations as necessary to support WIWC sponsored events/activities.

b. Record the number of hours of each volunteer for all WIWC sponsored events/activities.

c. Serve as the WIWC Organization Point of Contact (OPOC) for the USAG-Wiesbaden Army Community Services (ACS) Volunteer Management Information System (VMIS). Enter volunteer hours into the VMIS monthly.


1. The President and/or the Executive Council will appoint ad-hoc committees as appropriate. The WIWC has no standing committees.

2. Ad-hoc committees are appointed to perform a specific task(s) within designated timelines provided by the President. Committees are dissolved upon completion of the task(s). Examples of probable ad-hoc committees are constitution and by law committee, trip selection committee, medal design committee and nominating committee.



1. Dues: Active members pay annual dues for a 12-month period.

2. Proceeds from club operations will support the treasury and supplement dues income. Per AR220-12 no WIWC member will personally profit from income generated from the club.

3. Donations accepted by the club will be placed in the general treasury. Any donations earmarked for special projects must be used for those projects.


1. Expenditures will be limited to those required to support the activities listed in the constitution. The WIWC will reimburse the Army for any utility expenses for WIWC activities that are held on U.S. Army property.

2. Any single transaction in excess of two hundred fifty ($250) dollars or the EURO equivalent, will be brought to the attention of the Executive council by the Treasurer on a monthly basis.

3. Documented reimbursable expenses and allowances to individuals will be granted by the Executive council. The President must approve any expense over $100 or the EURO equivalent.

4. Petty cash will only be used for approved refunds and small operating expenses under $100.00 or the EURO equivalent. Only the President and Vice President are authorized to approve the dispensing of petty cash funds to authorized payees. Any expenditures or reimbursements of $100.00 (or the EURO equivalent) must be paid by check, not petty cash funds. Exceptions may be made with the approval of both the President and Treasurer regarding these expenditures incurred at the annual Volksmarch which must be paid immediately.


1. A single entry journal-ledger accounting system will be used. Accounting records shall be maintained in accordance with the USAREUR Private Organizations and Fundraising Policy (formerly USAREUR Regulation 210-1).

2. Only the President, with a majority vote of the executive council, is authorized to obligate funds. However, the treasurer will execute financial transactions on behalf of the WIWC. Financial records will be maintained in accordance with the USAREUR Command Memorandum On Private Organizations and Fund Raising.


1. The Treasurer, the President and the Boutique Manager will be bonded, at club expense, for an amount to cover the average annual club assets. Any member of the organization with access to cash on hand, in the bank or merchandise with a value of over $1,000 will be bonded for an amount sufficient to provide full protection of assets.


1. Liability insurance to cover WIWC annual volksmarchers will be maintained by the club from a commercial firm in the amount as set by the DVV regulations.


1. The President will initiate annually, or upon change of Treasurer, a financial audit by a qualified auditor not serving on the Executive council. The Audit will be conducted in accordance with USAREUR Private Organizations and Fundraising Policy.

2. Audit reports and financial records will be retained for at least 4 years after audit completion. The auditor will furnish the President a written report on audit results. A copy of the audit will be provided to the approving authority. A corrective action reply by the President will be forwarded to the approving authority within 30 days. Extensions may be granted if required.


1. The Executive Council can take any of the following actions against a member who violates the Constitution or bylaws of the WIWC, or who refuses to follow instructions issued by the Executive Council. The member will be first afforded the opportunity to respond within a certain time limit (e.g. 30 days). Actions available to the Executive Council are:

a. Written reprimand.

b. Temporary suspension from participating in programs sponsored by WIWC.

c. Permanent expulsion.

d. Actions a. and b. may be taken pending execution of c.

2. The statement of disciplinary action imposed will be forwarded to the member concerned by certified mail.

3. An Executive Council officer may be removed from office during his/her term, for cause, when delinquency or negligence in performing the duties of office has been determined. The Executive Council will furnish written details of negligence to the officer, to include a responsible date by which the officer must respond (such as 15 days). Failure to respond by the due date will indicate concurrence with the Executive Council’s decision. An officer recommended for removal from office by the Executive council, after actions required above have been accomplished, will be removed from office officially by a 2/3 vote of members present at the next general membership meeting.


1. The WIWC offers its members a number of trips each calendar year to special interest volksmarches outside the Wiesbaden area.

2. A Trips committee, chaired by the Activities Chairperson will select trips. Members may recommend trips. The Executive Council will approve all trips.

3. Each trip participant will pay his own transportation costs on a pro-rata basis. Participants will also pay their share of other costs such as hotel charges, entry fees, and volksmarch fees.

4. Each trip should be self-sufficient, and transportation and other costs will be determined on that basis. The Executive council will establish more specific guidelines concerning computation of transportation costs. Whether or not a trip will go, and the costs of each trip will be a joint decision of the President, Activities Chairperson, Treasurer and the Trip Captain. A minimum number of participants are required to break even, not lose money, on a trip before it is taken. The ‘break-even’ number and the final ‘go or no-go’ date will be determined by the President, Activities Director and Trip Captain.

5. Nonmembers (to include spouses of members) may participate in a trip provided space is available, but must pay a fee above the standard trip cost. Club members will have priority for trip sign-ups only during initial sign-up night, upon payment of 25% deposit.

6. A deposit of 25% of the total individual trip costs is required to hold a seat on a trip. Those who have paid deposits will be placed on the trip roster ahead of those who have not.

7. On the designated final payment date, priority for seats will go to those who are fully paid ahead of those with a deposit only.

8. The Trip Captain or the Activities Director must receive cancellations not later that the “last date to cancel” indicated on the trip itinerary for participants to receive full refund. Later cancellations may forfeit all or part of the payment, depending on the circumstances and/or financial obligations already incurred by the Club. Exceptions to this provision will be determined by the Executive Council and will not be made without due cause.

9. The Council must receive petitions for refunds of late cancellations within 30 days of scheduled trip departure. Council will review the request, and provide a written response within 30 days after the council meeting. If a refund is due, as approved by the Council, it will be included with a written response.

10. WIWC will pay full transportation costs, volksmarch registration fees and lodging fees for the Trip Captain for the assistant Trip Captain if there is more than one bus.

11. The Trip Captain will be in full charge of the trip, and all participants must abide by his/her instructions. The Trip Captain will participate in the decision concerning whether the trip will go.

12. The Trip Captain must notify the Treasurer of foreign currency requirements at least five (5) working days before trip departure. The Trip Captain may not acquire foreign currency necessary for his trip from other sources without proper approval of the Treasurer.


1. WIWC will award one of the trophies received as group awards (subject to availability of trophies) to each member who achieves the milestone of 1,000 KM and subsequent milestones in increments of 1,000 KM. To receive one of the trophies, the individual must have been a member of the WIWC for at least six (6) months and received his milestone in Germany while a club member. Only an official passbook from an IVV member nation with a DVV milestone stamp will be considered as evidence to substantiate the achieved milestone. For those who will PCS before the next membership meeting and have not yet received their DVV milestone, the march book (IVV record book) may be used to verify eligibility.

2. To receive a club milestone, the member will present the passbook and valid membership card to the Secretary at a regular meeting or other event where milestones are given out. The Secretary will validate eligibility for the milestone, and will maintain a record of each milestone presented to prevent duplication. Associate members (children under the age of 18) are eligible for milestone awards as well. They will present their own DVV-validated passbook and the active member’s club membership card as proof of eligibility. Associate members under 12 years will be eligible for a milestone award at 500 KM, 1,000 KM and thereafter every 1,000 KM.

3. The club President will present the appropriate award earned in the following manner:

a. First priority for selection of awards will be for those associate members under 12 years of age who have achieved 500 KM, based on a drawing to determine sequence.

b. Second priority for selection of awards will be for those with 1,000 KM milestones, based on a drawing to determine sequence.

c. Third priority will be for those members achieving awards of 10,000 KM or greater, based on a drawing to determine sequence.

d. Fourth priority will be for all those members between 1,000 KM and 10,000 KM, based on a drawing to determine sequence.


1. In addition to their free trip, Trip Captains may keep any group prize awarded the club for that trip.

2. Executive Council officers who satisfactorily complete their term of office will receive their choice of any trophy awarded to the Club. A dinner at Club expense will be provided to outgoing council members and one adult guest.

3. All Executive Council members must be actively paid members and pay the established annual membership fee.

4. Any voucher/certificate for credit issued by the WIWC will contain an expiration date.


1. The WIWC will sponsor an event or participate in another club’s volksmarch annually. The decision to hold either a 1 day Volksmarch, 2 day Volksmarch, or guided walk will be decided by vote of the club membership. The vote should be held at the May meeting of the year preceding the event.

2. Volunteers, at least 12 years old, who work at the volksmarch, will accumulate hours towards WIWC recognition. These hours are non-transferable. Recognition will be determined by the Executive Council.

3. Twenty (20) volunteer hours will be the minimum for recognition by the WIWC.

4. Recognition may take the form of a club sponsored volksmarch trip.

5. To be eligible for recognition, a volunteer must be a member of WIWC or another Volksmarch Club.

6. The Volunteer Coordinator for the volksmarch will accurately maintain volunteer hours and provide them to the President by the close of business of the volksmarch.

7. Each committee chair for the annual volksmarch receives 100 hours volunteer credit. If two or more people share a chairmanship, the 100 hours will be divided equally among them.


1. Bylaws may be amended at a regular general membership meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) majority of vote of those active members present. Amendments must be submitted in writing to the Executive Council at least 90 days prior to the general membership meeting at which time they will be presented for vote.

2. If any amendment to IVV/DVV rules makes a corresponding amendment to these bylaws necessary, these bylaws shall be amended automatically by the Executive Council to coincide with IVV/DVV change.


1. All members, in accordance with host nation laws, may be personally liable to creditors, if the assets of the organization are insufficient to discharge all liabilities.



Bryan Senter Christa Haws