Wiesbaden Bucket List

If you’re new to Wiesbaden, you probably have no idea what you can do here or which places and events you should not miss. Our Wiesbaden Bucket List should help you with this. Check for yourself which of the following places and events you have already visited and which ones are still pending.

Wenn du neu in Wiesbaden bist, hast du wahrscheinlich keine Ahnung, was du hier alles machen kannst oder welche Orte und Veranstaltungen du nicht verpassen solltest. Unsere Wiesbaden Bucket List soll dir dabei helfen. Überprüfe selbst, welche der folgenden Orte und Veranstaltungen du schon besucht hast und bei welchen das noch aussteht.

Hiking - Wandern

As a hiking club we recommend of course the most beautiful permanent trails of Wiesbaden / Als Wanderverein empfehlen wir als natürlich die schönsten Permanentwanderwege Wiesbadens

  • Goldsteintal
  • Neroberg
  • Rheinsteig bei Wiesbaden
  • Schiersteiner Hafenrunde
  • Wiesbadener Stadtrundgang
  • Jagdschloss Platte
  • Mainz-Kastel

Culture - Kultur

The state capital boasts a large array of cultural highlights / Die Landeshauptstadt bietet eine große Auswahl an kulturellen Höhepunkten

  • Wiesbadener Ballnacht: Once a year the Wiesbaden AIDS Hilfe organizes a charity gala in the Kurhaus. Dress up and enjoy the big variety of events at the gala.
  • Concerts: Several times a week the Kurhaus features all kinds of concerts. Find your favourite one.
  • Theatre: The state theatre offers a big range of intersting plays. Try Goethe's "Faust" (16+)
  • Ballet: The state theatre also offers ballet. Try "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
  • Opera: In Wiesbaden you can visit many operas. Beginners may stick with Mozart's "Zauberflöte", experienced listeners may go for Wagner's operas.
  • Maifestspiele: Every year through May the state theatre organizes a festive opening of the new season. Take a look behind the scenes.
  • Biennale: Biannualy parts of the city of Wiesbaden turns in a big pieces of partially provocative art. Discover them all.
  • Filmfestivals: Wiesbaden features a bunch of different filmfestivals throughout the year. Find your favourite genre.

Festivals - Feste

In Wiesbaden there are tons of festivals throughout the year. Here are some highlights / In Wiesbaden gibt es massenhaft Feste über das ganze Jahr. Hier sind einige Highlights.

  • Christmas market: Christmas season is Glühwein season. Try the best Glühwein of the Wiesbaden Christmas market at the booths of "Keßler" and "Ohlig". Also check out the "Pyramide".
  • Wilhelmstraßenfest: One of the biggest festivals in Wiesbaden. Get one of the awesome meat sticks.
  • Weinfest: The market square turns into a big wine-themed festival. Try the wines of the best white wine growing region of Germany.
  • Wiesbaden Oktoberfest: Not into wine? Go have a "Maß" of beer at the Wiesbaden Oktoberfest then.
  • Kranzplatzfest: The opening of the festival season coincides with the strawberry season. Try the strawberry bowle.​
  • Schierstein Hafenfest: Market, food and beverages at the harbor in Schierstein. See the boat show at night.​
  • Wiesbaden CSD: Parade and festival of the LGBT Community in Wiesbaden. Watch the parade and enjoy the festival afterwards.​
  • German American friendship festival: Brings together the best of both nations - pulled pork and beer​
  • Stadtfest: Random events all over downtown Wiesbaden ​
  • Fassenacht: The German answer to Marti Gra. Wear your funniest costume and attend a Fassenacht party.

Fancy eats - Raffiniertes Essen

There are some very interesting ways to enjoy traditional German or international cuisine in Wiesbaden / Es gibt einige sehr interessante Möglichkeiten in Wiesbaden traditionelle deutsche oder internationale Küche zu genießen

  • Maldaner: Germany's only official Café Viennese style. Try a "Sachertorte" here.
  • Okinii: Japanese - all you can eat... Enjoy!
  • Weber's Wikinger: Classic German Hausmannskost. Find your favourite German food here.
  • Your's Sportsbar: The owners last name is "Your". Get your favourite American food here.
  • Taverne Niko: Lot's of Greek food. Don't eat too much bread before your food is served. Become friends with Niko. Have an Ouzo.
  • Symposion: More Greek food and tempting bread. Try "Gyros and Tsatsiki" and get your Ouzu after the meal.
  • Das Burger: A small selection of interesting burgers. Go try them all.
  • Curry Manufaktur: A German classic - Wurst. Try various kinds of Currywurst and find your favourite one.
  • Arkadas Kebap: Turkish is the German Mexican. Try a Döner here ("Denn Döner macht schöner").
  • Italian alley: Delicious Ger-talian food. Try the affordable lunch menu.
  • 5 Kitchen: More all you can eat Japanese. Try "Shake Nigiri" and "Kyuri Tsukemono".

Bars and Pubs - Bars und Kneipen

Just as extensive is the range of bars and pubs that you should have visited at least once in Wiesbaden / Genauso umfangreich ist das Angebot an Bars und Kneipen, die du in Wiesbaden zumindest einmal besucht haben solltest

  • Lenz: Nice londrinks and cocktails. Try a "Moscow Mule" here.
  • Manoamano: Also nice longdrinks and cocktails. Go through their variety of Gins.
  • Irish Pub: There are two of them downtown Wiesbaden. Visit both and participate in the Karaoke event.
  • Eimer: A Wiesbaden Classic with live piano music. Smokefree on Mondays. Have Hausschnaps "Träubchen" here.
  • Trend: LGBT - friendly and quite international. Have a round of "Averna" with your friends here.
  • Scotch 'n Soda: Find your favourite Scotch here.